Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Week In The Life Of

Ali Edwards ( started her Week in the Life Of on Monday. I started mine today and am going to do it Wednesday to Wednesday.
I won't be uploading the pics onto here but will show you pics of the finished pages. However I thought I'd share with you my journalling.

I haven't taken lots of pics but the ones I have taken I can use so it's all good.

21st April 2010

Woke up just before 9am and caught up on some of my recorded programmes. It would normally be my day off but I have overtime in pharmacy. Phoned Dan for a bit and then sorted out some washing before having a nice bowl of Sugar Puffs.

Straightened my hair to stop it being so manic! I decided to wear Britney Spear's Circus Fantasy perfume today.

In the car on the way to work I raided the Werther's - gotta have a Werther's when driving and have some decent music - Christina Aguilera's Greatest Hits.

Had McDonalds for lunch and sausage and chips for dinner from the chip shop. I did some college work tonight and looked on the Waterstones site at a Jodi Picoult book I don't have whilst catching up on some more TV.

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Cheryl said...

Your journaling is very detailed well done you looking forward to seeing the finished result x