Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Pattern and Colour Class 1

Pattern and Colour Class

I hope you had a fun time taking photos throughout the week and creating your mood boards ready to start the classes.

Lets recap – throughout the week you needed to take photos of things that had patterning and colours in them. I showed you examples of mood boards I created to give you ideas. These mood boards are to help you when it comes to creating your scrapbook pages.

Each week a new prompt will be posted for you to get inspiration from to help you create a mini book a mini book created purely from pattern and colour ideas.

Now that we’ve recapped lets start on our first prompt:

INSPIRATION PROMPT: A perfume or aftershave bottle.
These bottles come in different shapes, sizes and colour. They are a fantastic source of inspiration. Using a photo you took of a pattern last week create a page using the colour and/or shape of the bottle and combine that with a pattern from the photo to create a single or double page.

Now don’t forget the photos you took last week are for inspiration. They aren’t the ones for you to scrapbook unless of course you really want to.

Don’t forget to upload your pictures and link them so that we can all have a look.

I’ll work on my page and show you within the next few days. Next prompt is next week.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Magical Memories

I'm taking part in a new class created by ScrapDolly on UKS. Its to create a travel album either Disney themed or non Disney themed.

Well I've decided to go a little mad with this one because the prompts are so amazing. The first one I'm doing is Paper Scrapped and is my dream disney holiday which I'm going to do another version digitally. Then I'm going to do one is non disney themed and just my dream holiday!

So all in all I'll end up with 3 books - 2 digital and 1 paper.

I've created my first page on the paper one and taken several photos. They aren't great because they're from my mobile but here you go. The journalling reads:

"This is me!

This Scrapbook is about my dream Disney holiday. I've been to Disneyland Paris before but only for one day. This plan is for a holiday in the Paris resort and the Florida resort!"

< < "The place to light up your dreams!"

So that's my first page. Don't forget to go to ScrapDolly's blog and check out the prompts for yourself. Also look at her fantastic work!

Saturday Mood Board

Here's todays mood board. Its a little more full than the past few with specific things for you to look at - for example Irish Dance Dresses!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Todays Mood Board

Here is today's mood board completed for you. I'm interested to see if you use this when we come to actually making the book. Don't forget for the first week we're collecting inspiration.

Don't forget to comment and link to your mood boards.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pattern and Colour Class

Here's today's mood board for prompt 1 posted yesterday.

I hope you enjoy taking part and get some good ideas. Check back tomorrow for another mood board.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Pattern and Colour Class Image

This is my first image mood board that I digitally created for the first class. The rest will be added shortly.

The next class prompt will be posted next Wednesday. I'll be adding new mood board photos up until then.

Pattern and Colour Class

I hope this goes to plan. I've created a class based on pattern and colour as inspiration for pages.
I'd love to see what everyone has come up with. I'll post each prompt here - the first being posted today and my inspiration from those prompts will be posted as well.

Here is class lesson 1:

Patterns and Colour Workshop

Patterns and colour are around us everyday in every different object we see. By the time this course is finished you will have a book made up of patterned and coloured pages. You can use these prompts to create a scrapbook or a mini book of your choice.
I’ve created 5 prompts to give you inspiration for your first five pages. The sixth prompt is up to you whether you choose to go ahead with or not.

This is a short class and each prompt will be posted on my blog with the date that the next prompt will be posted on as well.
There is no time limit for this class – each prompt can take you as long as you want. I’d love to see what you come up with and I’ll be working with you along the way. Each prompt I give will also have my version with it as further inspiration for you.

Here is the first prompt:

Take photos of everything and anything in your house that contains colour and patterning. Try and use the most unusual objects in your home. These photos will be your inspiration for colour and pattern. It’s up to you how you want to display these photos. You could create a mood board or keep them loose.The following is a list of patterned objects. You can use these and add your own:
Magazine Adverts
Perfume Bottles
Coke cans
Cross Stitch
Scrapbook papers
Childrens Drawings
Curtains and Net Curtains
Wooden Flooring
Bathroom Tiles

I've taken my photos and will be creating digital mood boards. These will be shared with you in a separate post.