Monday, 31 March 2008

Feeling Blue and Missing My Claire

I'm so tired it's unbelievable. I started work at 8 this morning which meant having to get up at 6 and getting a 7.15 bus and then a 7.33 bus to get in work on time.
I was Home Shopping picking until 5 this evening so it was a really long day. I learnt some new things on there today though which means thats another department I can sign up for on overtime.
I got home at about half 5 and had dinner etc and started doing the washing up. Then had a phone call from Michelle to see how I was and then I went to her new place which is really nice. It's cool cos I can bus there etc on days off or whenever lol. It's nice having a friend like Mich. We don't see each other for days sometimes weeks on end but we always know where the other person is when she's needed. And bless her she has such a lovely other half. I'm quite jealous lol she's got such a gooden in him.
Anyways on with my story of the day. Got home and checked my e-mails and had two from Claire. One just for me asking how I am and talking about whats happened lately. The next was a general one and I'm so jealous it's completely unfair. She's described such beautiful things and I'm stuck here in unsunny Swindon working while she's seeing elephants and hippos and beautiful sunsets.
I miss her loads too. She's too far away. When she was in Chester we'd chat online and text and phone etc. I can't do that now. I have to wait til December before I can see her in person!

That's enough of that.


Saturday, 29 March 2008

I'm rather angry but also rather happy!

This will be a rather strange post especially as I'm angry but happy at the same time.

I'll start of with the anger first and then end on a high note!

I bought myself a game for the PC - checked all my system requirements first of course - and then went to play ot and apparently my video acceleration isn't as fast as it should be! So now I'm just waiting with a new game in front of me that I can't play right now! How annoying!

The happy note is that I bought myself some crafting stuff to be able to make all of the cards that I need for April! Then if I get on well with all of them I can just carry on making more. It never hurts to have a supply of cards around. Especially if you're like me and realise you've forgotten a birthday or anniversary etc!

So that's my post for today!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Good Morning All

Well it's been a while since I posted and I feel quite silly because I forgot the password!

A lot has happened recently! I've moved back in with my parents which feels quite strange but it's good because I see them more and I see my nephews more. I'm looking at going back to college and then possibly university!

I've been doing my family tree and have so much more information now to put onto my tree when I get round to it although I don't know when that will be so it could be that I have a HUGE pile of papers to add to the tree when I have the time.
I'm also helping my friend research his tree which is proving to be a little more difficult because he has some unusual names and no one seems to have heard of them. I always thought the unusual names would be easy to find but apparently not!

I'm missing my scrapbooking - the majority of my stuff is in storage and I need to arrange with my brother to go and get more out of storage to organise it as I go. Unfortunately I now have a small bedroom and don't know where half of my storage units are going to go which means I'll have to condense down quite a lot. Maybe that can be my task for tomorrow although my nephews are over so unless we go in the morning I won't be able to do any of it.

I'm feeling a little lost at the moment and probably a bit stuck. My routine has changed since I moved back in with my parents and although some good things have come out of it like taking my nephew to school when he stays over - (I did that for the first time this morning - it was so cool!), it also means I'm back to the long bus journeys to work which cuts a lot of my time off of researching, crafting or doing whatever it is that I want to do. I have to leave the house an hour before work just to get the bus which arrives half an hour earlier than I start.

My new fave bands at the moment are Nickelback - specially Rock Star - and One Republic. I haven't forgotten the Chili Peppers - I still like them but they haven't bought anything new out lately!

I saw and bought OK! magazine the other day with pictures of Jennifer Lopez' twins. Emme and Max are so cute. My friend says Emme looks like Mark Anthony but I think that she has Jen's eyes!
Celebrities always have cute babies - Christina Aguilera's son Max. Britney's Sean Preston and Jayden James, Gwen Stefani's Kingston - they're all so cute. But not as cute as my three nephews although I'm biased obviously!

Speaking of Britney - now I love Britney as sad as it is I think she's a fanstastic singer but at the moment is misunderstood and in need of some help away from the public eye but we all know that will never happen! I love the album Blackout but really the 'Break The Ice' video - come on give us a better one! A cartoon Britney is fighting evil for something - what does that have to do with the song? I think that they need to scrap that video and bring a new one out. I understand that at the time Britney was busy with issues in her personal life but it's such a downfall from the videos for Gimme More and Piece of Me which just showed classic Britney!

I'll leave it at that - it's a rather long post!